1. Many creatives lack the entrepreneurial rigor to transform their visions into clearly defined actionable strategies.
  2. They also struggle to prioritize the essential tasks required to build a healthy foundation upon which the vision is capable of attracting the necessary resources, talent and capital to grow into a resilient organization.
  3. They often also struggle to attract capital, resources and a skilled team of passionate and dynamic individuals that desire to collaborate on the co-manifestation of the vision into reality. They also often struggle to clearly articulate their vision in verbal, written and visual formats.

  1. We partner with creatives to successfully bring their visions into reality.
  2. We develop a comprehensive launch strategy and manage its implementation.
  3. We attract an aligned community and nurture a culture of connection.
  4. We convert community members into team members, investors and customers.

  1. Curation - (1) to design, develop and implement a focused engagement strategy to incentivize contributors to engage with the vision, whether they be (1) the founding team and advisors, (2) aligned financial investors, (3) a support community of influencers and evangelists to amplify the project to their networks, and/or (4) an initial base of customers.
  2. Integration - to design, develop and implement an on-boarding journey that invites contributors to engage with the project openly and passionately.
  3. Experience - to design, develop and implement a user experience, cultural framework and engagement protocols that promote positive and productive exchanges between individuals engaged in the project.
  4. Training - to train specialized teams in community engagement & facilitation that fosters a vibrant organization

  1. Guide the organization through a design process that results in a clearly defined strategy & action plan.
  2. Develop the visual and graphical content to be shared via the community engagement strategy.
  3. Set-up the various communication channels with clear engagement frameworks.
  4. Implement a community engagement strategy through focused outreach & on-boarding.
  5. Train specialized teams in community engagement by empowering them with strategies for converting passive members into active contributors.
  6. Offer insights and propose structural improvements as the business evolves.
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